Award Winning  Experiential Guide Book to Making a Difference in the World

Expanded version of book with additional activities and materials with Spanish speaking cultures in mind is now available in Spanish - 


Versión ampliada del libro con otras actividades y materiales de lengua española culturas en mente ahora está disponible en español - 




Experiential Activities for a Better World









Experiential Activities for a Better World

By: Marilyn Levin with Lea Arellano




Experiential Activities for a Better World delivers the information and inspiration you need to become a catalyst for personal and global transformation. It provides insights, methods, perspectives, tools and over 100 activities for facilitators, teachers, counselors, trainers, and group leaders – anyone who would like to transform injustice and inspire hope and healing in themselves and others.


You can use the insights, tools and activities in this book to work with yourself, another person, in pairs, small groups and large groups. Many of the approaches, tools and activities in the book can be used by people with little or no experience. For people with experience, there are additional chapters of instruction and intermediate and advanced activities and handouts.


Experiential Activities for a Better World provides an explanation of the experiential learning cycle, guidance in the facilitation of the activities and topics in the book, and instructions on teaching people to respond to personal and societal challenges with confidence, compassion and power.






At last, the brilliance, creativity, and compassion of Marilyn Levin's extraordinary trainings are captured in a book. This is an incredibly rich resource, packed with dynamic activities and brilliant ideas and insights. It is a must have for facilitators!


- Lara Mendel, Co-Founder/Executive Director, The Mosaic Project


Marilyn Levin has done it again… She has provided the ultimate resource for facilitators of change to transform the world and empower all.


- Cheryl Schwartz, Director Lifelong Learning Center at Prescott College


While many activity books exist, this particular Guide offers a level of depth and innovation that is truly exceptional. Compiled based on years of experience and researching the best resources out there, Marilyn’s commitment to this work and desire to “transform” our lives is evident in the contents of this publication. The activities offer opportunities for change, enable safe risk through exploration, and provide an enjoyable way to understand differences and why they matter. This Guide is a welcome addition to the world of experiential learning and investigating the untapped power of our human potential.


- Nina S. Roberts, Ph.D., San Francisco State University



Author Bio:


Marilyn Levin is a social entrepreneur engaged in several initiatives that are accelerating the global transformation that is currently underway. She is an award winning activist, a professional speaker and trainer and the author of Experiential Activities for a Better World, She is currently the Director of the Spreading KINS Division of Green America. KINS Innovation Networks,, brings together high integrity servant leaders to catalyze a globally sustainable economy. She is Founder of Global Sufficiency Network, serving the cultural shift out of the mindset of scarcity that fuels fear, greed and conflict in our society and served as Campaign Director for Four Years. Go,, an initiative to put humanity on a just, sustainable and fulfilling path by 2014. You can reach her at




Marilyn received the "Karl Rohnke Creativity Award" in 2012 by the Association for Experiential Education (AEE) for her outstanding commitment to experiential education principles as evidenced through the design, creation and/or production of experiential education resources.





Contributing Author Bio:


Lea E. Arellano is a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach. She is the principal of Human Solutions Consulting which is a network of diverse consultants of color who serve individuals, community based organizations, businesses and faith based social profits in building capacity through cross cultural relationship building, communications and strategic consulting. Human Solutions offers life changing seminars where people reconnect with their joy, passion and love of life renewing the natural happiness humans carry and need in order to be their best.  Lea has been in the field for over 25 years and brings a wealth of experience and new dynamic modalities for the most expeditious sustainable changes for individuals and organizations.